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About Us
Our Mission

Our mission is to ignite your web presence by providing first-rate, low-cost, state-of-the-art Linux web hosting solutions that are fast, friendly and stable fully eliminating frustration, confusion and wasted time. We strive to combine the two qualities, affordability and performance, together in our solutions.

Our Vision

Our Vision is to level the playing field by providing small and mid-sized businesses powerful, reliable, and affordable solutions that will help them establish a solid Internet presence. This enables them to compete with the big guys to gain and maintain their fair share of the online market through dedicating their time and budget on their services instead of having to worry about their website's stability.
Our Strategy

We focus on only one operating system with empowers us to leverage an extensive amount of knowledge and talent to deliver low-cost, scalable, stable and efficient platforms to our clients. We provide five different packages with generous capacities and features to meet various levels of need without creating confusion and frustration in the service selection process, PLUS, we offer one of the lowest prices on the Internet!

Our Commitment

We are committed to providing performance-oriented services through continuous, frequent improvements of our servers, network and customer service. In addition, we are committed to taking exceptional care of our customers making sure that each and every need is met. We do not expect our customers to conform to what we supply. Top-Quality Web Hosting Service & Customer Care are our #1 commitments!

Our Success

We have become one of the fastest growing companies on the Internet and we are growing more rapidly than ever! We host thousands of websites for satisfied customers in over 60 countries. More than 75% of our daily orders comes from existing customers' recommendations and referrals. This proves our success, and this success has become our ongoing motivation to continue improving and providing low-cost, performance-oriented Linux web hosting services to customers worldwide.

Our History

HostIgnition was originally founded under the name Grand Coalition, Inc. by a talented technical professional who started a free hosting business and succeeded in providing exceptional hosting and media representations. When the company started, free hosting services were provided in exchange for customers posting a banner advertisement. Before long, a serious need developed for a new breed of a "paid" web hosting firm. A service oriented firm with excellent pricing and exceptional reliability was in great demand and our own clients demanded ad-free hosting. In response to the demands, we stepped up to the plate to fill the huge void in cyberspace. We knew that our experience and expertise with advanced network technologies would fit the bill. At that point in time, HostIgnition was born.

Today, HostIgnition is a world leader in the field of Linux web site hosting specializing in engineers who are dedicated to providing service that exceeds our clients' expectations.

While providing unquestionably reliable, well-supported hosting solutions for small and medium sized businesses, our company is backed by an outstanding outsourced network and an expert, caring team of support. Exceptional support, incomparable infrastructure, and reasonable prices enable HostIgnition, its resellers and affiliates to provide unbeatable web hosting solutions!

We Proudly Use The Following Technologies:
RedHat Enterprise
RedHat Enterprise 4/5
Tomcat 5.5 & 6
JDK 1.6 & 1.5
Intel Dual Core Xeon CPUs
Apache 2.2
PHP & Mysql
PHP 5.2 & MySQL 5.0
PostgreSQL 8.1
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